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Step into the Light

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Step into the Light

LED (Light Emitting Diode) has been around for a long while now, the benefits they have on the skin can take a good facial treatment into a great facial treatment. In the beauty and cosmetology industries, light therapy is known as  ‘Chromatherapy’. Colored lamps are used to stimulate and decongest the skin and muscles. Each color of the lamp has it’s own benefits to the skin, lymph & circulation, to either calm or stimulate. This method of therapy aids the healing process, blue light for example, has shown to be effective in treating jaundice in new born babies.

LED is a non evasive procedure that activates skin cells with pulses of low-level, non-thermal light energy. LED therapy enables the skin cells to be energised, working in much the same way photosynthesis does to plants ( taking sunlight and converting it to food energy for plants). The different LED colors have their own speed and rhythms, which interact with the cells. The human cell is a hub of activity, it has it’s very own community. The ‘Mitochondria’ are the energy suppliers to the living cell, it’s job is to use oxygen to produce energy, otherwise known as ‘Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). When ATP is increased it enables the cell to absorb specific nutrients, which in turn increases the strength and health of the cell.

LEDs stimulate the Mitochondria!!

The benefits of LED on the skin are : Oxygenates the skin, detoxinates, inter cellular activity, cell renewal, improved natural repair, hydration & the ability to retain moisture and continued production of healthy skin cells.

The lights oscillate at different frequencies depending on their color:

RED; 640nm
BLUE; 470nm
GREEN; 520nm
nm = wavelength. Light waves are between 400 and 700 nanometres. LEDs cannot produce harmful UVA or UVB rays, or infrared radiation. It is a totally safe treatment.
Screen Shot 2015-10-14 at 11.59.26

I have used some great equipment in the past that uses the red, green & blue LED for specific concerns but I have just recently invested in the LED mask, which I am very impressed with.  Here are the individual benefits to the skin from the different LED colors.


Increases blood flow & cell rejuvenation
Activates & improves the function of the immune, lymphatic, nervous and vascular systems.
Decreases inflammation to injured tissues.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Stimulates collagen & reduces pore size
Improves eczema


Eases insomnia.
Eases over excitability.
Calms acne & allergies.
Helps with the elimination of toxins.
Antiseptic, germicidal & antibacterial.
Eases headaches & fevers.
Alleviates stress & tension in the jaw, neck & shoulder.
Normalises sebum production, refining the skin.


Increases flow of lymph Healing                                                                                  Most effective color for anti-inflammatory.
Helps to reduce redness.
Strengthen the immune & endocrine systems..
Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles..
Helps to block tyrosinase, so great for pigmentation.

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