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Issues With Tissues

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Issues With Tissues

The tissues I am referring to are not the variety you get in a Kleenex man size box, they are the body tissues and the issues we don’t deal with, that impact either physically, mentally or emotionally.

We start experiencing from week six of conception, we are not in a little lead box while in the womb. As we develop and age we go through experiences that shape us as human beings, experiences that lay down our ability to make decisions and impact our social behaviours.

We have receptors that take in millions and millions of sights, sounds, tastes, senses and emotions every day. These can be negative as well as positive, even our thought processes create physical responses. When someone has upset us we can recall the incident and instantly feel stressed and uptight.

THE SCIENCE BIT: I have mentioned many times in previous posts how our thoughts and emotions impact the physical. This happens from chemical interactions from the brain from our thoughts that have an effect on the entire molecular structure that is the ‘living matrix’. Frequencies and oscillations at a cellular level, that are created by thoughts and interactions, alter and change the levels and vibrations of hormones, growth factors, neuro-transmissions and free radical activity. The living matrix, fascia, is made up of phospholipid layers, connective tissue and motor proteins all having an impact on homoeostasis and all generate and transmit various vibratory information, including conversions within from mechanical to electrical (piezoelectric effects). It is essential the living matrix is kept hydrated so it does not fall into a solid state network. The matrix has many lines, layers and ribbons of fascia that are known as ‘Anatomy Trains’. The layers need hydration for the conducting of message units in the form of electrons, photons, electrolytes etc. This influences enzyme activity and protein formations, which in turn conduct dynamic forces within the living matrix that are involved with wound healing, repair, regeneration, growth and disease resistance.

For me there are two products I swear by Coll-Force and Repair+ , both tick all the boxes for fascia health and hydration.

Memories are not only stored in our limbic system (long term memory) or cortex (short term memory) but also in our body’s tissue. This is know as ‘implicit tissue memory’  the tissue memories are not only caused by physical trauma or injury but also emotional trauma that lock into the back, hamstrings or neck. It effects posture, breathing and digestion so when you have a specific symptom it can be a direct result of certain emotional ‘issues’ that have not been dealt with.

This is the core of what Noetic Therapy is all about, it peels away the layers to reveal the under lying causes of specific physical symptoms and enables me to then work out a treatment and home care plan. I absolutely love this method of treatment, in fact, I believe it is the only true way to get results.

I recently had a visit from a gentleman who had been suffering many years from a back problem, people to generalise back pain to physical exertion. The gentleman in question was a typical alpha male, not interested in ‘all this weird healing crap’ (his words not mine) he thought he was booked in for a massage to loosen the stress in his back.

During the consultation I noticed many things straight away, from how he was speaking, sitting as well as his posture when standing and walking. On looking at his back I was able to pick up the implicit tissue memory  in a specific zone that enabled me to ask further questions. I also explained that the treatment given will not be anything like a massage but a specific technique know as Bowen that ‘resets’ the genetic blueprint. The technique involves gentle rolling movements and rests, nothing like a full manipulation what he was expecting.

What I did pick up from the back was linked  to his ability to communicate to others, how he perceives others expectations and also his relationship with his father. Without going into to much detail, he could not understand how and why I could pick up all of the above from his back and was quite taken aback.

The clients course of treatment included three Bowen sessions, some mind techniques and lifestyle/diet advise. No deep tissue massage was involved at all, he was astounded at the instant improvement of his back and also his ability to look at situations from another stance, all from the tools given within the sessions.

So you see, not all physical pains, strains and restrictions are caused by physical injury… some, in fact a lot are caused from issues with tissues.

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