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The B’s Knees

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The B’s Knees

The B in this case stands for Bowen! I have written many posts on the magical way this healing modality works on the body. It involves piezoelectricity, hydration of the fascia anatomy trains and a total mind-body healing.

Anatomy trains are ribbons of fascia that run up, down, across and around the body linking joints, muscle, lymph, nerves and organs. In fact whenever I think of anatomy trains I think of the nursery rhyme ‘heads, shoulders, knees and toes’ because if a shoulder is effected sometimes the knees, pelvis and sciatic will be treated.

I wanted to focus on the knees in this post as  the knee joint is the most common injured joint linking to problems from poor posture, sports injuries, pelvic distortion, low back problems, foot injuries, but even adrenal exhaustion, gout, stress to name just a few.

Most knee problems are linked to the quadriceps, so keeping the quads strong with exercise will support the structure of the knee. The tissue around the knee is very dense and healing from any injury will take longer than any other joint, it also has fascia that links to the lumbar vertebra so with lower back issues the knees are key to treat. All tissues from the foot to the hips connect to the knee fascia as well as two important anatomy trains running through the knee joints that have an impact on digestion, reproduction in fact the whole of the body!

In Bowen we treat the knees not only for the physical trauma but for whole body issues including stress, trauma and depression. Think of when you have been told some bad news or if you have had a shock – the stomach is the first to react then the knees.

The knees have the greatest effect on the body to energize and to clear lymphatic stagnation, in Bowen they are regarded as the ‘gateway to the body’ and even one move in the knee procedure will have amazing benefits to treat emotional trauma and physical injury at the location or in other body locations.

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