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To Infinity and Beyond

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To Infinity and Beyond

How is it that a person can have an energetic treatment carried out miles away from them, yet feel the benefits from it. You may think that there is a placebo affect to this after all, placebo is attached to most things in life,  for things to be believed there has to be a level of conscience acceptance. Prayer, meditation, healing, the human touch, positive words, homeopathy, everything we do has an element of placebo the positive belief that will result in the good, after all the body achieves what the mind believes.

It is a really difficult and complex subject trying to explain the mechanics of how imprinting frequencies on a microchip attached to the body works, or how distance therapy works. I am not claiming to heal any ailments, I merely try to balance energetic imbalances, I am not a Doctor and I am by any means,  declaring that I am a Quantum Physicists. I would never discourage the use and advice of your local doctor or consultant and if your symptoms are recent and require urgent attention, you must ALWAYS visit your doctor.

Energetic testing requires a blood spot sample, this is done via a lancet that is sent to you in the form of a kit, for you to perform and return to clinic. The blood spot provides energetic information from the atoms and particles within it.

All living matter and cells within the sample die over time, however atoms don’t. This enables the sample to be used time and time again for testing energetically for imbalances and for therapy. So how does it work?

Quantum Mechanics is a subject that I have very limited knowledge of but because I have been dealing with the modalities of energy medicine, I understand how this amazing form of healing works. It is widely accepted that pathogens communicate with each other as well as every cell and organism, Energy Therapy is based on entanglement.

In 1935 Albert Einstein noted that sending a frequency from one particle locally, will in fact influence its partner particle or twin particle, regardless of how far apart they may be. He described this  as ‘spooky action at a distance’, known as Entanglement. John Bell and David Bohm also conducted many experiments in quantum with wave theory and other vibrational interactions.

Matter is made from all atoms and it was believed that the atom was the smallest thing in the Universe. However, within the atom resides three particles: electrons, protons and neutrons, these are composed of even smaller particles known as quarks.

The atom contains a mass of electrons that orbit the nucleus, like a planet and these can be split. Electrons move around the nucleus in a wave form to stabilise the orbit. Waves move and expand, a lot like ripples in the pond when a stone has been thrown. In technology we use transmitted waves when we make a call from our device to make a connection with the receiver on the other end of the call. Waves are transmitted and they are received and it is understood that atoms can transmit information to each other.

In distance therapy waves are transmitted via the sample that may then be received by the host, particles change, when their twin changes simultaneously. This is what is understood in energy healing, the information sent to the sample in the form of therapy, may then be received by the client.

When identical twins experience one anothers pain, or can pre empt what the other is thinking, it is believed that cells, particles and atoms may have become entangled during development, which may give an explanation to this phenomenon.

When imprinting is applied to a microchip to be worn on a client, the same principals are applied. Waves are recorded onto a microchip that the may  body receive, a little bit like when music waves are recorded on cassette tapes. The healing waves from the chip are omitted when the receiver wears it to help bring balance and harmony.

Distance therapy and imprinting on chips is very popular. Here are a few of the comments from distance therapy

You are magic! I’ve been feeling 100% better since last night and can finally drink water without throwing up! My mind also feels clearer and I’m back to being myself. Thank you so much. 

Distance Therapy for daughter: It’s so wierd, she says she can feel it working. She said it feels like her whole body has a heart beat which only started when you started the program.”

Thank you so much for last night (Distance Therapy). I managed to sleep so, so much. Woken up with an appetite which is a good sign.”

Thank you, not sure how you did it! Marie you Super Healer, she is much better.”

I was so fascinated to see that you have said to place the chip on my lumbar area. I have continued pain in this area ever since having my little boy. I don’t know if it’s the epidural or the contractions but I’ve had a dull pain ever since that can get really bad. I placed the chip on this area this morning as soon as I received it and already it’s started to ease, is it just psychological? am I being crazy? either way I LOVE it! Thank you for all your support 

I have suffered for years with IBS that would result in uncomfortable bloating, abdominal cramps and pains, sudden urges to go to the toilet with loose stools that would keep me up through the night, in fact, I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night completely. I have been on medications that have not helped and tried various nutritionists and alternative routes, I had almost given up trying until my wife persuaded me to do a frequency test  for gut health with Marie Reynolds.  I was very intrigued to try the microchip which has my personal frequencies imprinted into it. Still a little sceptical but keeping an open mind I stuck the microchip to my abdomen – the first night I only got up once (usually getting up 3-4 times is great) I had one evacuation which was pretty violent but from then on I have slept straight through, I have had no stomach cramps and my stools have been ‘normal’. To say I am baffled, and confused would be fair but I don’t care how it works I am over the moon with the results.”

The microchip has worked awesomely. I’ve felt calmer and at ease and been able to meditate daily for the first time in a long time. My skin is much better already and I’ve even had times of feeling quite energetic!


There are many more testimonials here if you wish to read and further information about Energy Scans and  FAQ’s.

I will finish by saying I have treated hundreds of people with their wellbeing needs and I can only speak of my experiences and the experiences my clients have had and I can honestly say every time I do Energy therapy I am blown away with the wonderful affects it has.  I hope this has helped you understand a little, Quantum is extremely complex as mentioned above, I do not profess to be a physicists in any way – but remember just because you can not see it, does not mean it does not exist!

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