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The Toxic Enthusiast

publicado por Marie Reynolds el
The Toxic Enthusiast

The body holds an array of substances but those that are deemed harmful to the systems of the body are called toxins. It is when the body has a build up of these harmful substances, causing dis-ease, that it then becomes ‘toxicity’ .

Toxins, built up externally and internally, are brought about by inhaling toxins in the environment (thousands of chemicals are introduced to the environment every day), medication, our diet and lifestyle even from absorption of touching things. The liver can absorb estrogenic toxins, not only from the contraceptive pill but also from excessive swimming.The body also produces it’s own toxins and waste matter right down to the cellular level, the organs and superficial surface of the skin, which in itself is part of the function of elimination, however when the system is overloaded from any of the influences above it will cause an imbalance and can cause illness.

The Human DNA is mainly made up of bacteria, fungus, microbes, yeast and parasites some harmful, others not so. They also produce metabolic waste that the body will need to deal with through elimination. Also our thoughts, emotions, hormones – especially dealing with the fight or flight response and addictive type personalities can place further stress and inflammation, which also influences the microbiome and immune system.

The body in itself is designed to deal with toxicity… to a point. The liver and kidneys will filter the system and the intestines will eliminate but when this is overloaded then they will have a reduced ability.This can cause an abundance of symptoms including lethargy, headaches, irritability, digestive problems, circulatory problems, insomnia, chemical sensitivity, aches and pains – the list is endless. How many of us accept feeling under par – lack of energy, headaches etc as normal? We accept many ailments as just getting older or feeling under the weather when, in fact we are just unhealthier – in mind, body and spirit and unable to correctly clear the pathways, drain the systems to then enable a proper healing cycle.

Also, bare in mind ageing and skin conditions are literally indicators of toxicity within. Dealing with the gut is one of the fabulous ways to achieve a healthier internal system which will reflect on the external skin BUT as I have always said this is only part of a PIN code that is needed for optimum health. Your thoughts, emotions, actions, diet, lifestyle the ethical accountancy that lies within are all part and parcel to the health cycle. Additionally, when dealing with overall wellness it is so important to understand the concept of the pathways of elimination, hydration, nutrition and cellular repair.

Toxic people are indeed another factor, being around individuals that not only drain your energy but reflect the negative, toxic emotions including anger, jealousy, hatred, bitterness and paranoia. These are individuals that can also be verbally, physically or psychologically abusive – ask yourself is this something I wish to accept? If you was about to receive a beautifully wrapped gift but inside you knew was something toxic and it would cause illness and sickness, would you accept it? hopefully the answer would be no, you would not accept at all. That is how you have to visualize this type of individuals behavior. We can’t control things that affect us but we have total control HOW they effect us.

The Opening Channels Program, along with healthy lifestyle choices, can assist in opening the pathways of drainage and
elimination, increasing your vitality and overall health, regulating sleep patterns, boosting emotional well-being. There is virtually not a single aspect of your body that is not helped by this first step in the process of healing. It is truly a transformative experience but one that takes commitment as it is required to be on the program for two months before re-assessment.

“It is far more important to know what person the dis-ease has than what disease the person has.”

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