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Your Self Fulfilling Prophecy

publicado por Marie Reynolds el
Your Self Fulfilling Prophecy

Part of Noetic therapy is the consultation, I spend a long time sitting with my clients discussing and showing ways of ‘rewiring’ their thought process. The biggest and hardest thing to do is to constantly check yourself in your actions and thinking, something that is second nature to all of us is to react to situations instantly or to over think everything which in turn brings about an emotional cascade that can overwhelm.

Self prophesying is  when you make a statement or thought and it will change your actions, for example I say to my clients ‘ if you can or if you can’t – you are correct’. It takes a bit of thinking but it basically confirms that if you say you can do something or if you say you can’t, either way YOU will make it be so.

By making statements you are actually logically processing your actions, this works in a positive way as well as a negative way.

Robert Merton, a 20th century sociologist, stated that the prophecy has neither false or a true value, it is a mere possibility that is made into probability by a person’s unconscious or conscious actions.

The way we adapt to new environments, social interactions, our fears, worries and achievements are dependant on our own attitude to life and our own self preservation. We are in control with our own actions and thoughts, we have no control of others attitude toward us or society but we can control the affect they have on us, we can make impressions that can affect others but how we relate to individuals and their responses to us is reflected by our attitude.

The saying of ‘ if you don’t expect anything, you can’t get let down’ is true to a degree however, I tend to feel that if you have not expressed your expectations then how can anyone know what they are? until then you expect people to know what your expectations are and feel disappointed that they may have taken advantage. What you may feel – good or bad, exciting or stressful is weighed by your expectations of others.

You can have a person who literally cuts the atmosphere with a knife and can charge the atmosphere is such a negative way which can impact on others mood and all things can be interpreted in a negative light but it is possible to negotiate the situation to come to a healthy resolution by attitude and actions. A positive interpretation allows a shift of events.

Positive actions, thoughts and the self-fulfilling prophecy play a huge part in dealing with anxiety, depression, stress and physical pain – Noetic therapy focuses on how thoughts and emotions affect the human form (read here with issue with tissues) and to get a result in physical ailments I always start with attitude and thought processes. The mental, emotional and physical are as one they are not separate entities.

Cognitive behavioural studies have shown that if an individual has a perception and prediction of an illness, they will then have an experience of the illness. This is also known as  the Placebo effect.

Remember your words, thoughts and actions can be poison or fruit.

“A self-fulfilling prophecy is an assumption or prediction that, purely as a result of having been made, cause the expected or predicted event to occur and thus confirms its own ‘accuracy.
Paul Watzlawick

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