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Posted by Marie Reynolds on

Monthly periods are not great for any female, some of us are lucky enough to breeze through the monthly grind of menses without any dragging cramps, uterine pain and heavy periods that can last for many days.

Endometriosis is a condition where the cause is unknown, although it is believed genetic link, surgery, diet and also hormonal factors may be the issue. The pain can be absolutely debilitating for a woman and in some cases cause infertility. The endometrium can stick to the bowel as well as the outside wall of the uterus and can also block fallopian tubes. It is a condition that affects overall health and has a profound psychological affect on many women.

It is important to point out that first and foremost if you feel you are in any pain and need help always consult with your GP. My work focuses on helping bring balance to the body to enable healing and repair. Many conditions are born from energetic imbalances , dis-ease starts with energetic disturbances, and relationships between pathogenic influences  may exacerbate or even cause pain and further symptoms.

Lisa Potter Dixon is not only a very talented Make-up Artist but a well known influencer. She has suffered for over twenty years with Grade 4 Endometriosis with debilitating pain and discomfort. I reached out to Lisa after she posted an emotional story on Instagram explaining how she had had the most horrendous period. I challenged her to give me three months so she could see how making some lifestyle changes, doing energy medicine and implementing some homeopathic and supplements could make some improvements on her discomfort.

The program consisted of a three stage system and is not for the faint hearted! Going on an anti inflammatory diet is a must, this also means cutting out dairy, meat, gluten, alcohol and caffeine. Now although this program for Lisa was for three months, I must stress this program should really be ongoing for a good 12-18 months. This is not a quick fix, in reality it takes a huge amount of commitment and also financial investment BUT the benefits should be worth it!

Lisa has posted her about her experiences on her fabulous website, I found it very emotional, you can read about her Endometriosis Journey here.

Here is a video of us chatting where I explain how my work occurs and Lisa explains what improvements she has had.


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“When all you know is pain you don’t know that it is not normal. It is not a womans lot to suffer,
even if we have been raised that way”
Susan Sarandon

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