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Child DET (Distance Energy Therapy)


Infants may be susceptible to all sorts of energetic imbalances that may cause sensitivities in their first years of life. Distance Therapy is the perfect choice to help balance the energetic baseline that may be influenced by genetic, environmental or lifestyle stressors.

To begin the DET you must have a consultation and a sample kit sent out which you need to proceed with here. After which your future bookings can continue by booking your child's therapy on this page.

  • Further Information
  • Distance Therapy is very effective if you are unable to get to the clinic. It is a very sophisticated concept where by the energetic frequencies within the sample of the blood in clinic may influence the physical body, no matter where you may be.

    Energetic testing requires a sample from a pin prick test, this is done via a lancet that is sent to you in the form of a kit, for you to perform and return to clinic. The blood spot provides energetic information from the atoms and particles within it.

    All living matter and cells within the sample die over time, however atoms don’t. This enables the sample to be used time and time again for testing energetically for imbalances and for therapy. In distance therapy waves are transmitted via the sample that may then be received by the host, particles change, when their twin changes simultaneously. This is what is understood in energy healing, the information sent to the sample in the form of therapy, may then be received by the client.

    When identical twins experience one another's pain, or can pre empt what the other is thinking, it is believed that cells, particles and atoms may have become entangled during development, which may give an explanation to this phenomenon. When imprinting is applied to a microchip to be worn on a client, the same principals are applied. Waves are recorded onto a microchip that the may body receive, a little bit like when music waves are recorded on cassette tapes. The healing waves from the chip are omitted when the receiver wears it to help bring balance and harmony.

    The Energy Therapy will be carried out with various modalities, any of the following:

    Bioresonance, Oberon Scan and Metatherapy or Biophoton light therapy. It is recommended a course of 6-8 therapies are carried out over 6-8 weeks for optimal results then following with monthly sessions


How it's done

  • STEP 1
  • (This therapy is a follow up from the Initial DET). Once the booking has been made online, email us with your Childs main concerns. Unless on a program previously discussed with Marie.

  • STEP 2
  • The therapy will proceed at the time of the booking, please ensure you are in a calm quiet environment with your child without electronic devices or watches upon your person.

  • STEP 3
  • After the therapy, please make sure your child is hydrated throughout the day and rest if need to.