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Good Vibes Only Podcast

S:1 E:7 Good Vibes Only with Damian Ethrington

Damian is dedicated to creating a healthier world and everything he does supports this vision.  His company Precision Health provides health professionals with practical resources for their business.  This includes a dynamic range of high quality practitioner-only products with a focus on the Spagyric processing method and an educational arm providing holistic business development and a wide range of clinical tools.

S:1 E:6 Good Vibes Only with Alessandra Steinherr

Alessandra Steinherr is a Global Beauty and Skin care influencer with a pedigree spanning over twenty years as a Beauty Journalist and a respected authority in her field. Alex was the Beauty Director of GLAMOUR Magazine for over a decade, and has been a brand ambassador for many big names in the beauty industry.
Marie has known Alex since 2009 and has treated her many times, she chats with Alex about her wellness rituals and what her Good Vibes are.

S:1 E:5 Good Vibes Only with Isreal Ajose

Celebrity Astrologer Israel Ajose D.Psych.Astrol is a dedicated practitioner and teacher of astrology and tarot. He studied and completed full honours in psychological astrology at the centre of psychological astrology in London with Liz Greene. By combining traditional, mediaeval, and psychological methods, he offers in depth consultations, which provides insights into peoples situations. He is now a full-time practitioner & teacher of astrology, tarot, philosophical and esoteric teachings. He is the current President of the astrological lodge of London. 

Isreal Ajose Sacred Planets

S:1 E:4 Good Vibes Only with Dr Ralph Rogers

Dr Ralph Rogers is a Consultant in Regenerative Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine who uses his wealth of experience to effectively tackle chronic pain and acute discomfort with innovative Regenerative Medical treatments. His impressive resume includes global qualifications gained at some of the finest institutions in the world. In todays episode we discuss how the use of Mesenchymal Stem Cells help with injury.

Dr Ralph Rogers website 

S:1 E:3 Good Vibes Only with Dr Ye

Dr.Liuzhong Ye, Ph.D and Master of TCM he started his practice of TCM as senior consultant in the UK after graduating from Guangzhou. He has also been a senior lecturer and module leader of several TCM colleges across Europe, including LACA London, Wroclaw Academy of Acupuncture Poland, and Swiss TCM University.  He serves as the director of CAHMA (Chinese Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine Alliance) and the general Secretary of British Institute of Scalp Acupuncture. Dr. Ye’s speciality in meridian palpation differentiation enables him to achieve great success in clinical practice and wins him high reputation in the acupuncture and TCM teaching across the world. Dr Ye practices in Norwich
In to-days episode Marie and Dr ye discuss all about Qi and Energy.

S:1 E:2 Good Vibes Only with Dr Ekta Yadav

Dr. Ekta Y., MD MBA MS.
Ekta has a passion for skincare and science which is the driving force behind her highly regarded podcast Skincare Anarchy  which has an average of 325,000 downloads a week! 
Ekta looks beyond the hype and gets to the nitty gritty asking more questions to seek the answers, reigniting the fire of her listeners.
Ekta joins Marie chatting about Quantum and how looking beyond what we see is an integral part of wellbeing

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S:1 E:1 Introduction with Marie Reynolds

Marie gives an insight into understanding with vibrations and frequencies matter when it comes to your skin and wellbeing. She takes you on a journey of how the environment we surround ourselves in and the people we associate with can impact our mood and health.