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Western Medicine Vs Complimentary

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Western Medicine Vs Complimentary

There is a great following of alternative therapies including many people in the western medical field. I myself have treated many GP’s, Nurses and Consultants along with members of their families. However, unfortunately for many allopathic practitioners view, alternative medicine as a thorn in the side to their patients  wellbeing journey.

First of all I am not a fan of the term ‘alternative’ this gives rise to the possibility that this is in lieu of allopathic medicine, when in fact this modality of  healing is support to your wellbeing, which is why I prefer complimentary medicine.

I totally agree with the fact that complementary therapists should never diagnose, this is the job of the medical practitioner, I personally never claim to treat any ailment, I simply help the body balance what may be imbalanced and allow the natural process of homeostasis. If there are any concerns along the way then of course the first point of call is to go to your GP.

Complementary medicine comes in many forms, for myself I work  energetically and support with supplements and homeopathic remedies. The reason I am writing this post is because of reactions from individuals about my work and practices when they have no knowledge or experience of it. Including cosmetic consultants.

I listened to a live chat with an Aesthetic Doctor recently and I never like to jump on, I just listen. However there was a discussion about some supplements that may help with hair loss. The usual were suggested, collagen, biotin and I suggested Adaptogens. I have had great success with these when used with my Coll-Force capsules (I did not and never would suggest my range on someone else’s live, only specific ingredients) It was clear this Consultant never knew the word Adaptogen, let alone what they were, she was explained by the host what they were, but was very quick to state, “I would only stick to the ingredients I have suggested that have clinical trials.”

The problem I have is why do these people fall back on the scientific studies approach when they have never even looked or tried or understood what a subject is. I find it quite unprofessional, in fact the Doctor went on to say about how cortisol levels and adrenals affect hair growth.

There are many studies on Adaptogens in how they support adrenal function, there is one here . I have always said for every study for a subject you will find a study against it. I have spent years working on the wellbeing of people from all walks of life and from all professions. I am just a little tired of people having a total disregard of complimentary methods when SOME Doctors have no idea of the amazing benefits they have.

I want to point out that this is not a bashing against the medical profession, Western medicine and our Doctors and Nurses are beyond amazing, we only have to look at this current situation we are in to know the absolute heroism of each and every one of them.

This small minded view and this unnecessary ‘them and us’ point of view, for me is totally ridiculous. Complementary therapies can be invaluable for health and wellbeing and in the skin care world even more so! My whole philosophy is less is more, in fact that is probably why some feel threatened, as you can actually get great results by non aggressive therapies or treatments.

If reading this as a professional blogger, influencer, journalist or anyone who has a social media platform does not agree or believe in any complimentary or holistic therapies I would ask that you first experience the process, and truly understand the process before having an opinion about it, especially if it is about my work and you have never even spoken to me, or received a treatment off of me.

Remember to be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow minded individuals.

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