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The Healing Cycle

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
The Healing Cycle

I have spoken and advised hundreds of people over the years about improving their wellbeing, I have never treated conditions just looked at an individuals symptoms, dietary habits and lifestyle choices and then worked out specific programs to try to bring balance, allowing the body to heal itself. (If you do have any concerns you should always consult your GP)

I have never given a one size fits all approach, a quick list of supplements and set them on their way. Everyone of us is unique, we have so many factors that play a role in how we feel and how we react to life in general. Not only the general things like what we eat, how we eat, when we eat, how we deal with stress, our work-life balance but also internal and environmental factors that influence our wellbeing on so many levels.

Taking a round of vitamins and minerals on the odd occasion if you’re feeling under par is really a pointless exercise. You have to peel back the layers and re-set the body. Looking at boosting the elimination organs (liver, kidneys, skin and gut) are key to begin your healing cycle.

Your elimination organs need supporting and cleansing first, this will aid your healing. The liver alone has over five hundred functions, one of which is filtering toxins but this can easily get overloaded, alcohol and medications, for example go straight to the liver to get filtered. The gut also has a huge toxic capacity that needs addressing. Look at it this way, our bodies are like dust bins – we can  have  a clean dust bin with a lovely fresh bag in it but if  we continue placing rubbish in that has not been collected by the dustmen then it becomes stagnant, we keep loading the bin up and eventually it smells and leaks rotten fluids that attract unwanted guests. This is how our bodies are, our lymphatic systems are like our garbage men removing waste but if our bodies become overloaded with toxins, it makes to a hard task to get rid of that waste as well as encouraging overgrowth of unwanted guests, which in our case can mean parasites, moulds, bacterias and viruses.

The human body’s terrain is that of interstitial fluid where our cells reside. Along with our cells, we have capillaries, lymphatic vessels and nerves that all serve our cells. Most dis-ease also resides in this space, along with all of the afore mentioned and our own community of fungi, viruses, parasites and bacteria, now add in environmental and dietary  strains: heavy metals, electrosmog, chemical strains, foods, medications, drugs etc. All of these factors influence our cells, including chemical messengers caused from emotional factors; stress, anxiety, anger, excitement etc.

When dealing with health and wellbeing the most important thing is BALANCE. The internal world of our bodies contain a wide diversity of all the above factors, which is necessary for adaptation. The internal body is not a sterile place, it has a buzzing community of fungi, bacteria, parasites and viruses it is when they couple up and become IMBALANCED we have an issue. An example of this imbalance is Candida Albicans, when we have an overgrowth of Candida we get an imbalance of the terrain.

So you can see when you have a wellness program created by myself,  I take into account many factors and the first stage is all about elimination, the second may be looking at imbalances and the third stage strengthening and supporting the foundations with nutritional support to maintain a renewed health. This takes commitment, it will require eliminating things you crave and enjoy and  is not a quick fix BUT you will see and feel the benefits.

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