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What does ‘Holistic’ mean?

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
What does ‘Holistic’ mean?

What does ‘Holistic’ mean to you? To some it leans toward a certain therapy, to others a spiritual practice but to me it is an all encompassing concept of the mind, body and soul, which may be looked upon as a new age movement but in my practice it is very much based on Noetic Science, which Plato, Socrates and even Einstein are linked to.

How the mental, emotional and physical interact, I call the ‘Tri-effect’ each one has an impact on the other (as discussed in It’s lift Jim but not as we know it) I treat all my clients holistically, taking into account mental, social, environmental, emotional and lifestyle factors to determine the symptoms of an imbalance not just the cause.

It is the practice to gain the optimum health in all aspects of the intermittent parts of the whole, especially when it comes to skin conditions. How can you treat the physical if it is the emotional or mental that is the cause? Each one affects the other, eating disorders, emotional high and lows, drug and drink abuse, even blood transfusions (which, by the way the body does not fully accept but tolerates) all present themselves in the physical form in one way or another, in the face, feet, back or ears. Every line, every curve and shape of each feature, every mark, mannerism, how we speak, eat and sleep all link to our weaknesses and strengths that fundamentally affect the physical, mental and emotional and should always be taken into consideration when treating clients on every level!

I have always said that we are all part of an ancestral tree, a tree that holds the wonders of what we have inherited, this also needs to be taken into account when we are treating holistically. What our diet is like and what our mothers diet may have been whilst carrying us as well as our experiences all contribute, we experience from week six of conception. We are not in a ‘little lead box’ separate from our Mothers when we are developing, we experience the food, emotions and sounds our mothers do, both positive and negative.

Just like the bark of a tree is marked through environmental experiences so are we – we are a branch of our ancestral tree not just genetically but also through experiences and lifestyles.

Now, even though I have holistic approach when treating skin conditions, I still use progressive skin techniques with results driven ingredients, in MY opinion a holistic therapist uses techniques and tools that treat the whole in a safe and gentle approach. Many feel that being a holistic therapist you should just stick with holistic skin care.. how can skin care be holistic? You can opt for ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ but not holistic that is a practice surely? There are many different opinions about holistic skin therapists but I personally feel each case of the client/patient is unique and should be treated so.

We have communities of micro organisms and cell interactions that are also reliant upon external and internal energies that influence our well being be it mentally, emotionally and physically  all impact our skin in some way, shape or form, for me the only way to get a result that is not fixed in the short term but long  term is to treat HOLISTICALLY.

Blessed are the hands that find those places rarely touched–
memories cleverly hiding for so long from so much
Kind are hands that hear the stories that words can no longer explain.
Daring to soothe the hours and years of weariness or pain
Full of grace those gentle hands that truly and deeply feel us.
For we don’t know how much we hurt before a touch begins to heal us…
-Terah Cox-

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