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MRL Eye Collective


The MRL Eye Collective is the ultimate Eye Spa experience. A beautiful gift for yourself or a loved one, including Eye-Drate, the Eyeballs, 5 Eye Spa warming masks and a deluxe Eye-bag, available in either teal or burnt orange. (only one bag available per purchase)


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  • MRL Eye-drate is a rich soufflé, hydrogel consisting of a sumptuous combination of natural ingredients to help quench and nourish your skin without leaving a greasy residue. The unique cocktail of  botanical oils includes Kukui and Green Coffee Oil known to soothe, protect and stimulate the skin around the eyes. 

    MRL Eye Balls - These ergonomic and cooling MRL Eyeballs are the perfect way to apply Eye-Drate whilst supporting drainage of stagnant lymph and blood flow as well as stimulating specific meridians that surround the eyes. The Eye Balls soothe and calm the skin as you glide the spherical metal balls around the orbital of the eye sockets, focusing on key acupressure points to stimulate the meridians associated with eye strain, migraines and tension. For an added cooling affect the MRL Eyeball can be kept in the refrigerator over night.

    MRL Eye Spa  The MRL Eye Spa, is a self activating hot compress designed specifically for the eyes, which has been created to improve stagnation and congestion of the sinus cavities and relieve congestion or throbbing pain from migraines, headaches and sinusitis

    MRL Eye Bag - A beautiful deluxe Limited Edition make-up bag. Adorned with a hand embroidered gold embellished eye and a gold braided trim, available in two stunning colours - Burnt Orange or Teal. The bags are part of the MRL Eye Spa series however, they can easily be used for other purposes.