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colonic hydrotherapy

Colonic Hydrotherapy

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The Herrmann Hydromat is a state of the art colon hydrotherapy machine that cleanses the entire colon using filtered water and without the use of drugs or chemicals. Colonic hydrotherapy detoxifies & re-energises your system, and can even aid in minimising allergies and skin problems.

Colon Hydrotherapy aims to help with the following:
• Hydrating the colon
• Reducing the toxic overload
• Increasing vitality and performance
• Reducing sluggishness and bloating
• Detoxification, achieving a clearer complexion
• Kick starting a weight management programme
• Allergies and intolerances
• Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
• Constipation and flatulence
• Diarrhoea
• Skin problems
• Headaches




Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews Write a review
Therapy Process

 What Is Colon Hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy involves gentle, continual bathing of the colon by infusing warm filtered water into the rectum. This process enables the water to cleanse the large intestine, resulting in a gentle release. During the treatment, purified and filtered, temperature-controlled water is fed into the colon at a controlled rate. Although this process may sometimes be uncomfortable, it’s not painful. The Herrmann Hydromat is a state of the art colon hydrotherapy machine that cleanses the entire colon using filtered water and without the use of drugs or chemicals. The device is a “closed system” which affords a comfortable modern naturopathic procedure while maintaining the dignity of the individual. There is no open evacuation and no offensive odours. It is therapist assisted for effectiveness, comfort and most importantly, safety. The process involves warm filtered water being introduced into the colon via a disposable speculum that is gently inserted about an inch and a half into your rectum. The water pressure and temperature are carefully controlled, and all waste is removed discreetly by an independent corrugated plastic line through the machine via an internal observation tube with absolutely no mess or odours. This filling and emptying is repeated several times, and massage applied to your abdomen.

Colon hydrotherapy reaches the whole length of your large intestine, with the massage from your therapist helping to ensure you benefit from an effective cleanse. The Hydromat comfort has an added feature of being able to draw any gas out of the colon and discharge it internally through the waste line so creating a very gentle treatment and avoiding any embarrassment to the client. Unlike other devices, the Colon Hydromat device has a unique “locked-in” self-cleaning system and a wonderful LED feature to imprint the water to improve absorption, decrease inflammation and aid antibacterial benefits to the colon.

Colonic Hydrotherapy with Energy Scan 
Physical manifestations of feeling unwell or out of sorts is often misunderstood and in many cases symptoms can be totally unrelated to where pain is located. With Biofeedback technology, the energetic information of the symptoms in the body are shown as clues and can give us an overall picture of possible frequency strains that may be causing imbalance. Metatherapy aims to bring balance to the body by knocking out possible cellular frequency interference. This treatment will focus primatily on the digestive system before your Colonoc Hydrotherapy.

Colonic 360
The ultimate in gut health maintenance - The Colonic Hydrotherapy will proceed but with the amazing effects of Energy Therapy - BICOM bioresonance therapy is a non-invasive, gentle therapy making it suitable for even sensitive patients. Therapy on a bioresonance machine does not cure an illness; it assists the body to reduce its toxin or stress load and so helps to restore ‘self-regulation’, allowing the body to heal itself. The therapy is then completed with a Zyto scan with a report of inflammatories to avoid and recommendations of supplements.

Therapy Process
Contraindications for Colon Hydrotherapy

Severe Anemia
Cancer of the Rectum or Colon
Cardiac Disease
Cirrhosis of the Liver
Heart Failure
Crohn's disease
Acute Diverticulitis
Fissures or Fistulas – if painful or bleeding
GI haemorrhage or perforation
Haemorrhoids – when excessive bleeding is present
Kidney Dialysis
Renal failure
Recent abdominal surgery
Tumours of the rectum or colon
Sever active ulcerative colitis

Always refer to your Medical Practitioner if you are unsure if it is safe for you to proceed with a Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Before your Colonic Hydrotherapy

On the day of your colonic, it is recommended you have light meals and do not eat any food for two hours beforehand. Wear comfortable, loose clothing and book the therapy on a day that you can relax afterwards and allow the body to cleanse and detox. We kindly request that your personal hygiene is at its optimum.

After your Colonic Hydrotherapy

Abstain from alcohol, spicy and rich foods for at least 24 hrs after therapy. If you have had a longstanding condition of constipation or several health problems you may experience a headache or fatigue on the first couple of treatments. This may be due to the detoxinating process, if this happens then listen to your body, rest and hydrate with water. In some cases you may experience slight bloating for a few hours post treatment, as trapped makes its way out of the colon. It is recommended to take peppermint capsules or a peppermint tea.
Since the colon has been cleared of solid matter, it may take on average 3-4 days to fill up again and normal bowel movements are resumed. Some water is absorbed via the colon wall during the colonic so the need to urinate may increase a few hours after therapy. The beneficial effect of flushing the kidneys may also be enhanced by drinking water with a squeeze of lemon in the glass or by adding in the Hydration Duo.
You will be provided with a course of Probio+ that you will be requested to finish in the days after therapy to restore and replenish the good bacteria in the gut.

Healthy Breakfast Recipe

Healthy Breakfast – this breakfast has been traditionally used by those wanting to have a steady supply of energy in the morning, good digestion, regular elimination and beautiful skin.
It requires minimum preparation and is ready to eat in the morning.
Before your retire at night, take a tub of live yoghurt (lactose free or soya yoghurt if intolerant) and mix with half a cup of orange (or any fruit juice) throw in a handful of organic porridge oats, linseeds, sunflower seed, hemp seeds, 1 capsule of Calmeric, a couple of chopped prunes and apricots. Mix and leave in the fridge overnight. Eat in the morning on its own or add in a few chopped berries to accompany.

Detox and Elimination Tips

Eat smaller meals – grazing is better than gorging

Keep your meals simple – do not mix too many different kinds of foods in one meal. Keep the foods mainly alkaline
Chew slowly and keep your mouth closed while doing so to avoid air getting into the digestive system

Buy local and in season! Purchasing your groceries from your local farm shops or farmers will ensure nutrient rich fresh foods also contributing to the survival of organic farming in your own country.

Try not to drink fluids while eating – 30 minutes either side of eating is best or if you have to have fluids make sure they aren't ice cold!

Avoid carbonated drinks – especially if you suffer with bloating

Avoid artificial sweeteners – use fructose, honey or Agave to sweeten dessert or drinks

Whole grains (rice, barley, oats, buckwheat etc) are better nutritionally than pasta and breakfast cereals and they contain true roughage that cleans the digestive system. Generally, they are better for you than 'al dente' – very slightly undercooked. Soak the grains overnight and discard the soak water before cooking.

Brand and pulses have a high fibre content and they are a very valuable part of your diet. Introduce then into your diet carefully and slowly to avoid excess gas. Soak your beard overnight and discard the soak water before cooking.

Keep Hydrated!

Marie's Method

The MRL range is intended for you to mix & match in order to maximise your ability to restore your body to its natural balanced state. For questions on how to pair products from the MRL range, please refer to our FAQs