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A Bit Of A Stretch

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
A Bit Of A Stretch

Stretch marks occurs when there is a  rapid growth of the skin, they can affect both men and women. They can appear from rapid weight gain or loss, body building, hormonal influences and of course the obvious, pregnancy.
When the skin is stretched at an alarming rate it tears the dermis leaving red, brown, blueish tram lines in it’s wake, causing damaged tissue, which can be treated so the ‘appearance’ is improved but to completely rid stretch marks is nigh on impossible.
Pure essential oils and base oils rich in essential fatty acids do help, applied daily. Wheatgerm, an oil high in Vitamin E is great to use on the skin as the pregnancy progresses but what about treating the stretch marks that have been there for years?
Stretch Marks are similar to scars. 
Micro needling is a fantastic treatment that introduces a ‘controlled trauma’ – this stimulates connective tissue to form from the ‘wound healing’ response and improves the appearance of the scar quite dramatically. The Fibroblasts move to the wound and produces collagen 1 & 3 (3 being the more dominant collagen). It has an instant tightening effect and creates a whole new collagen matrix over a six month period with regular treatments (treatments 2-4 weeks apart). Bare in mind this therapy draws on the body’s own ability to heal itself and along with using active ingredients through trans dermal absorption makes it completely non surgical.

Now although, I have recommended Micro Needling, I only believe that it is necessary to perform this with a 0.5mm Dermal Roller (controversial to many therapists!) –  even then, only apply it is a gentle feathering technique. Superficial fasciae is hypersensitive to any stimulus and less is defiantly more when treating scar tissue or stretch marches. Fibres tense when there is a harsh stimulant but relax and hydrate when there is a softer stimulus. This allows deep penetration of active ingredients and increases oxygen, blood and lymph flow along with the ‘wound healing cascade’. Think of superficial fascia like fibres of cornflower starch in this video here

Dry body brush the area first, if stretch marks are on the stomach, lean over and cup vigorously this will stimulate the area and improve circulation. Make sure the dermal roller is only a 0.5mm and gently feather over the stretch marks. Apply Restore daily if you can or at least three times a week. Apply Anoint or Butter Balm daily – Anoint is a specific blend of base oils that are abundant in essential fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins including Vitamins A, C & E to condition and support the skins integrity. This was created to aid skin healing for stretch marks and scars, as well as softening and smoothing the skin.

Look at internal health – increase in the omega rich foods – oily fish in particular. Look at Repair+ and Ocean EFA.

Another thing to keep in mind is that our bodies are amazing things, as women our bodies provide the environment to develop a human being, how our bodies adapts to this monumental task is amazing. As Men and Women who suffer from scaring or stretch marks, life throws many experiences at us that mark us emotionally and physically – if you are living the best life you can, being healthy and kind to yourself then also give yourself a break and embrace the flaws you may think you have. In Eastern philosophy if a vase is broken they glue it back together and place gold leave on the joins as it is a beautiful reminder of strength.

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