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Are You Adrenally Fatigued?

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Are You Adrenally Fatigued?

Most of us run through our day to day activities on auto pilot, not even thinking of the impact it may have on our body systems. Stressful jobs, deadlines to meet, kids to deal with, home life – just juggling with life in general can overwhelm, yet still we power on.

The Adrenals are so important to our overall well-being and health. They sit on top of the kidneys and play an important role in our body’s HPA Axis – which essentially means it is part of a system of  neurotransmitter and hormonal communications between the Hypothalamus and the Pituitary. The Adrenals are responsible for the ‘fight or flight’ hormones and secrete more hormones than the Pituitary gland. Hormones including cortisol, adrenaline,dopamine, DHEA etc.

What does it mean to be Adrenally fatigued?  when we are under a phase of chronic stress the Adrenals are unable to produce the amount of stress or sex hormones to deal with the fight or flight response effectively. This can cause the following symptoms.

  • Difficulty waking in the morning and feeling exhausted mornings and afternoons.
  • Weight gain, especially around the middle.
  • Frequent cold and flu bugs, even though you may have a healthy diet and lifestyle.
  • Low immune system.
  • Difficulty dealing with stress and deadline pressure. Feeling easily overwhelmed with ‘stuff’.
  • Low or nil sex drive
  • Dizzy upon standing quickly
  • Struggle with poor memory or “brain fog”
  • Constantly snacking to raise blood sugars.
  • Craving salty foods.
  • Upper back & neck pain.
  • Find it hard to switch off later in the evening, a busy head.
  • If female you may struggle with PMS:  heavy bleeding, mood swings and exhaustion.
  • If Male you may have a  lack stamina and energy, muscle mass may be decreased.

Things to look at first are to offload the things you have no control of and simply listen to your body! when you have had enough or feel weighed down just stop! learn to say NO!  3-Set is an adaptogen that will help kick start cellular energetic processes, take 1-2 tablets 3 times a day. Avoid Apples, including apple juice as malic acid will aggravate Kidneys. Include the Hydration Duo to boost intra-cellular hydration and ionic minerals.

Exercise is one of those things where you can certainly over kill! Ideally you should exercise 2-3 times a week no more especially cardio work.Doing more than three times per week with hard core cardio work will dehydrate fascia and may lower the immune system, which again may aid in adrenal fatigue. It is so important to balance exercise with the more calming, stretching forms like Yoga, Pilates, swimming or just walking! (grounding is a perfect addition). The Adrenal Type person has an addictive type personality which can mean constructive as well as destructive, this can be seen in those who are workaholics or simply get addicted to exercise. Balance!

The Adrenals also influence the Kidney and Spleen meridians, which are the gate keepers of energy and life force, they are influence not only by the adrenals but also long term medication, antibiotics, MS, ME, blood transfusions and  lifestyle.

To support the Adrenals and avoid fatigue there are other factors to consider, along with  the balance of  exercise and offloading things, you have to tone the adrenals so that they are able to the be ‘reprogrammed’ with homeopathic sarchodes, this requires a consultation with myself before hand to evaluate the appropriate supplementation. To book a telephone or Skype consult please email with your contact details and it can be arranged.

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