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Zyto Digestion Scan


ZYTO Scans discover energetic balancers to aid immunity, hydration, sleep and diet

Created by Dr Vaughn R. Cook, ZYTO scans measure the energetic balancers in our body to detect areas of weakness in our systems. The ZYTO scan present digital signatures that the body answers directly, enabling the device to gather data and present a report to show the energetic stressors and balancers to bring homeostasis

Distance Scans can be done with a hair sample.

Digestion Biosurvey:  The digestive system has a large influence on how the body and mind function. Because there are millions of neurons in the stomach lining, the gut is often referred to as the second brain. From your hormones to your heart, everything in your body needs the nutrients from the digestive process to work correctly. The digestion biosurvey addresses this critical system that plays such a significant role in the body's overall health and wellness.

A report is generated from the data in this biosurvey.

PLEASE NOTE: This report is based on energetic signatures NOT anatomical diagnosis. If you have any concerns with your health please consult your GP


Marie's Method

The MRL range is intended for you to mix & match in order to maximise your ability to restore your body to its natural balanced state. For questions on how to pair products from the MRL range, please refer to our FAQs