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Ground Control

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Ground Control

It always makes me smile when I mention the use of crystals, earthing or sound frequency in my treatments and I am met with a response of rolling of eyeballs, wry smiles and a comment about new age tree hugging . Apart from the fact I absolutely love to hug a tree and have no shame in that admission, I find it so bizarre that people are quick to pass off things as mumbo jumbo nonsense when they really have no understanding of what the technique involves, how it works and what impact it has on us as human beings.

My husband humors me with my statements and therapies. He thinks I am nuts about many things I do, including when I removed my wellies and socks in the middle of walking our lab and stood barefoot in rich black soil on a cold day. He is a very logical individual that has to have a concise explanation of how things work for him to accept the efficacy of a treatment before he then experiences it (he was very skeptical about the Bowen Technique, until his excruciating leg pain was eased with one movement ).

We are almost finished building my clinic in Norfolk and I am beyond excited to be offering the therapies for optimum health and well being from the skin to within. The clinic has been built with crystals embedded in the insulation, quartz powder in the cement, copper work surfaces and additional grounding rods and grounding implements available during my Noetic and Bowen therapies.

Grounding is not a new concept, it is essential and fundamental for optimum health. It dramatically reduces inflammation in the body, which is the cause for all DIS-ease within the body, including ME, MS, Cancer, Digestive problems., Musculo-skeletal problems, Circulatory problems etc, etc

Inflammation is caused from injury and negative experiences, thoughts and habits. We are what we are by what we eat, experience and inherit!

We are all so disconnected with each other as human beings, our children are so drawn into technology they invite friends around and communicate via text when they are sitting next to one another. We live in an age of extreme electromagnetic frequency radiation that surrounds us 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Add on top of that the daily grind, stress and pressure, pollution and absorption of toxic metals as well as ingesting trans fats and preservatives we then begin to understand the bombarding of free radicals in our systems that increase inflammation and disease.

So I will try my best now to explain what grounding is and why it is fundamental, in my opinion, for optimum health as well as reducing stress levels and improving sleep.

We are all bio electrical beings, we have electrical impulses happening billions of times every second of the day from chemical to cellular processes. The human body functions from vibrations and frequencies carried out by electrical pulses. Grounding allows negative ions to be absorbed via the feet from the ground or via receptors attached to earthing rods in the ground. The negative ions that are absorbed from the body from the earth is like an instant shot of anti-oxidants, which support specific functions of the body from mental, emotional and physical. There are over twenty scientific/medical published papers that support the affects grounding has on the body including the dramatic decrease of inflammation and improved circulation.

The Earths surface is abundantly charged with negative ions that have been transferred from a layer situated sixty miles above the Earth called the ionosphere. The Ionosphere absorbs ions from the sun and splits them into negative and positive charges. Positive charges stay in the ionosphere but Negative charges are transported to Earth, mainly via lightening.

When injury or trauma occurs in the body, white blood cells rush to the site releasing neutrophils, their job is to take electrons from the damaged cell to facilitate healing and reduce free radical carnage, however, if the damaged cell does not have the amount of electrons required, the neutrophil will take electrons from a neighboring, healthy cell which causes a chain reaction and inflammation occurs which can then cause further damage to fascia, muscles, bones etc. Connecting to the Earth via grounding techniques will transfer electrons that the human body essentially needs to facilitate optimum well being and shifts the autonomic nervous system to function as it should.

Injuries sustained from athletes in the grueling Tour De France have had outstanding recovery from earthing pads attached to them after competing every day as well as any trauma occurred from injury. Sports performance was also increased with grounding techniques.

One of the most dramatic demonstrations of the benefits of grounding is the effect it has on the blood.

On the right are darkfield microscope images of blood taken from three individuals just before and after forty minutes of grounding.

The before images are on the left, the after on the right. The pictures clearly show a dramatic thinning and decoupling of the blood cells.

Grounding techniques in my Norfolk clinic involve placing an earthing rod deep in the ground and from there pads are attached to the soles of the feet or the wrist while having treatments. There are many Earthing modalities but please be aware the absolute best way to ground is by connecting directly to the Earth. One of the reasons I will not treat clients in my Noetic therapies in London is because it is counter productive for me and my clients as I feel the EMF and the energy alone is far too oppressive.

We were never designed, as human beings, to not connect to the Earth. Our ancestors walked the Earth barefoot yet we are all now programmed like lab rats to get up, get out, work, go to bed and repeat – all the while texting, emailing and checking our social media statuses. It is time to re-connect and literally re-charge! Get out and place those feet on the Earth.

“And forget not that the Mother Earth delights to feel your bare feet”
Kahlil Gibran –The Prophet

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