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New Year....Stronger You!

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
New Year....Stronger You!

A small post in light of the New Year  that is upon us and as always there are posts of ‘New Year, New You!’ …. arrrgghhhhh!

The New year should be a time of reflection to look back and take note of all of the experiences we have had that has brought us to where we are now. This could be a place of despair or joy, depression or happiness, financial difficulty or financial gain, illness or health but where ever you find yourself now it is a place and a chance of new strength and possibilities however small. In fact, if at anytime of the year you find yourself in an overwhelming state there will always be tomorrow. The New Year just offers us a time to focus on the possibilities of strength and to be grateful for all of the things life gives us that cost nothing yet mean so much.

Of course the usual new years resolutions of healthy eating, reducing alcohol, no smoking, more exercise are all great starting points but for me it is just as, if not more important to focus on your own mental and emotional health resolutions!

  • Patience – to be patient with yourself as well as others – there is always a reason for things happening. There is no such word as NO – there is either a YES, NOT RIGHT NOW or THERE IS SOMETHING BETTER FOR YOU but never NO.
  • Kindness costs nothing, it is easier to be kind to others than to yourself – off load the ‘stuff’ you have no control over – make time for you.
  • Defend – Don’t take on board negativity from yourself, in your own mind or from others, this only feeds your own insecurities and fears.
  • Strength – your fears will take your mind to places that may seem very real to you but if you do not give into them, just step outside your comfort zone and breathe you will find they actually don’t exist.
  • Grasp the nettle – If you can or if you can’t you are right! If you tell yourself you can’t do a thing guess what.. you won’t do it. Sometimes if you just take the first step to do something you have convinced yourself, your not good enough for, intelligent enough for, able to do – you will actually find you are good enough for, intelligent enough for and able to do!

Remember – the good thing about tomorrow is it is a chance to start again!



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