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Sports Performance

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Sports Performance

The sporting world is extremely competitive. One has to be in peak fitness, have dedication, motivation and commitment to the chosen sport, as well as discipline, which is paramount not only with the physical aspects but also emotional and mental, coping with pain from injury and the emotional high and lows of losing and wining.

Top tips to improve performance:

  • Stretching – mucus resides in between the layers of fascia that can then harden causing stiffness in joints and muscles to become tighter which effects the range of motion. Stretching improves flexibility and movement. Lack of stretching will increase the risk of injury and hinder fluids and nutrients to muscle tissue and fascia.
  • Sleeping gives rise to an increase in HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which reinforces the connective tissue, stem cells, collagen and elastin. This is known as an ‘anabolic state’ (muscle building)
    IL-I (Interluekin I) is a protein that increases white blood cells that support the ‘repair’ phase of R’n’R as well as the release HGH which is integral for collagen production.
  • Training with a partner motivates and encourages one to push ones self. It also creates a competitive environment and facilities a ‘just do it’ attitude.
  • Don’t just train hard, train smart! Look at nutrition, how you eat, when you eat and most importantly what you eat.
  • H2O!!! water, we all know the importance of hydration, but fascia is paramount in sports performance and general body health. Fascia can become easily dehydrated, Bowen is an amazing way to hydrate fascia (will talk about that in next point) Hydration Duo or even using the H2CAP   is highly recommended as is Energetix rehydrate.The Hydration Duo is a revolution, providing all the minerals and ions essential for hydration at a cellular level to create healthy hydrated cells. Hypotonic hydration with hyaluronic acid for cell hydration, key minerals to transfer nutrients into cells and waste products out of cells, helps regulate the level of oxygen in blood and includes Hyaluronic Acid for hydration.
  • Fascia is the one thing that connects with every single system in the body, our bones, muscles, circulatory system, nervous system, lymphatic system, internal organs.. etc, etc. It is the complete biological fabric that supports and communicates with the internal and external body. The fact that it has only in recent history been recognised, considering the intricate and astounding part it plays in mental, physical and emotional heath, is a mystery. Fascia is an interwoven network of fibrous proteins that act as an internal body suit. Look at it like this, fascia is the surrounding tissue that cushions vertebra, protect and supports internal organs, that form not only like fine web but also thick strong tendons and ligaments. It is formed very much like the membrane of an orange segment that holds the soft juicy fruit within its segment but also connects to the other segments and to the inside of the peel. When you peel the rind it will not pull on a singular segment but all and create a tension internally, exactly as fascia responds in the human body. In fact fascia is an extremely hyper sensitive, communicative sensory tissue and guess what it is dependent on?… hydration! Bowen works on the hydration of fascia, it is perfect for all sport injuries as there is no forceful manipulation, the technique is subtle enough not to cause further damage yet powerfully effective to treat the source of pain. It can be used immediately – even over swollen or inflamed areas. The technique works on soft tissue and muscle which heal twice as fast with Bowen Therapy as they do with traditional treatments, it is a very popular method of care used by sports professionals ranging from tennis, football, squash, rugby and so on. It helps players recover faster from injury as well as having treatment as a preventative measure to keep players at their peak and reduce the risk of injury occurring. Bowen is a fantastic tool to bring clarity to the mind, reduce blood pressure and heal the body, it allows the body to ‘re-set’ after the effects of stress on the physical and mental. Stress places the body in constant state of alarm, Bowen Therapy allows the body to switch over to the parasympathetic nervous system which aids in rest and repair. Apart from anything else it is so useful to prepare before competing, to allow one to focus, improve respiration and hydrate fascia ready for the battle ahead. It is also worth recognising that physical and mental exhaustion will be another symptom of sports, especially if you have not reached the winning position, emotional high and lows of pre and post competition are par the course as well as adrenal fatigue.
  • Rest and recovery are just as important to training regimes, allowing full recovery will improve the optimum output, enabling athletes to reach their peak level of fitness. Recovering from sore or aching muscles by the three ‘w’s – Walking – gentle exercise like walking or swimming, water – as we have discussed above, hydration is key and wait.. rest and listen to your body!
  • Focus on your goals also clear your mind of superficial clutter. Visualisation and correct breathing techniques will help reduce unnecessary stress levels. Pilates is an excellent modality to incorporate in your sports performance, to strengthen your core with appropriate breathing and also educate the fascia trains to align correctly.
  • “Although is it just as important to have the correct sports wear, it is not the gear that makes the athlete” says Christos Georghiades, Umpire for the National Cyprus Hockey Team “people that spend a fortune to buy the best shoes lets say, instead of achieving their full potential through practice”. Christos is also a fellow Bowen expert and Pilates instructor.

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