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Your Skins PIN Code... Do You Know Yours?

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Your Skins PIN Code... Do You Know Yours?

The reason my clients get the results they do is not just from my work in the clinic, it is from their ability to commit and invest in the knowledge I give. I explain to my clients the desire for great skin is dependent on the skins pin code.

You need a four digit code to make a withdrawal from the ATM but if you put in one or two wrong digits a withdrawal will not be happening!

It is the same philosophy to my clients skin schedule. I am quite blunt when it comes to skin expectations and if a client want results and they are not prepared to learn the four digit code through commitment and investment then I refuse to treat because it will be a waste of my time and their money.

  1. The first part of the code is nutrition. It is obvious that what we put in the body will reflect in the skin but through consultation we learn further clues that relate. How a person is born, when they eat, how they eat as well as negotiating with specific organs that are imbalanced and stressed will also need to be addressed. How can you expect a one size fits all approach to ‘wellness and nutrition’ when we are all so different. Our skin will change with experiences, lifestyle and emotions. Your visceral organs play a huge role in your skin so, negotiating with them is a major factor in the skins pin code, pigmentation and acne link to liver, acne also links with ovaries, sensitivity links with the stomach and many other factors with emotions that give clues in how skin communicates.
  2. The next part is the emotional self. Stress management and ‘reprogramming’ thought patterns to manage emotions. The word emotions immediately conjures up thoughts of  anxiety, weeping and erratic behavior but it is also anger, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, annoyed, overactive thinking the list is endless. I talk to my clients about the ‘non-emotional contract’ which is crucial to manage ones thought process in getting a clearer picture also to offload things that one can not control that lead to further burdens. Remember EVERY single thought process will create chemical synapses that have a chain reaction within the body, it can cause inflammation which is which is at the root of all health issue and guess where it reflects.. the skin.
  3. The professional treatment is only a small part of the process. The first thing I would always say to someone with a skin concern is to make sure your skin therapists sits with you during your consultation, ask about the products he or she is applying on the skin, be aware of the ingredients used and  avoid ones that include parabens, sulphates, artificial colors & fragrances and if advanced ingredients are being used like retinols make sure the correct advice is given in how it should be used. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! The professional treatment is the beginning of your skin treatment program, it is the start of the skins journey to repair and renew.
  4. The final part of the code is the home care. This is essential to continue the in clinic treatment, it should not be looked upon as a luxury but a necessity to maintain and progress your skins recovery and an extension of the professional application. Many individuals do not bat an eyelid in purchasing the latest handbag, shoes, clothes and accessories but cringe at the thought at paying for a topical product that will feed and repair the skin ultimately improving skin health.

If you are suffering from acne, pigmentation, sensitivity, dehydration, eczema, psoriasis, premature ageing or any other skin condition then think what pin code you are punching in! Remember the four digit code is the best way for a great result. Most skin consultations are free so even if you can’t invest in professional treatments spend some time with your skin specialist to get advice on appropriate home care, diet and lifestyle.

Any questions you would like me to answer just ask away via any social media: tweet @marie-reynolds, Instagram @mariereynolds_london or Facebook Page Marie Reynolds London.

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