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The Salts Of You

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
The Salts Of You

Biochemic Medicine is the use of tissue salts, although there are variations the main are the use of twelve specific salts that are found within the body and are ESSENTIAL for overall wellbeing and homeostasis. Where homeopathy works dynamicly, with energies and succussions, Biochemic tissue salts work physically, balancing deficiencies or surplus organic cell salts within.

Dr Willhelm Schuessler divised the twelve Biochemic Tissue Salts from evidence of mineral salts from the. ash of human bodies. From his provings he maintained that minute inorganic substances could maintain the health of an individual by taking them in a specific way. The tissue salts are non toxic and can be taken with orthodox medicine or other supplements, although it is always important when ordering from online sources a consultation from a heath practitioner is had or with a GP. The salts are safe to take through pregnancy, infaant over three months to the elderly, infact they are most beneficial in the early stage of development and the stages of ageing.

The integrity, structure and function of the body’s tissues and organs are dependant on the necessary quantities of cell salts. A difficiency in one or more of the body’s tissue salts would bring about dis-ease or disharmony in the body and skin. Difficiencies can show up in the face in the form of specific lines around the eyes, for example faned lines, we know as crows feet, is infact a difficiency in Potssium Phosphate (Kali. Phos), fine horizontal lines in the forehead link to metal toxicity another difficiency that can be helped with Tox Chord or Sodium Phosphate (Nat. Phos). Difficiencies can also show in perspiration, folds, lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, breakouts, hair, milia and premature aging to name but a few symptoms.

The Tissue Salts are known in their full name, abrieviated name or their number. They are prepared usually in a lactose or sucrose base, however my own MRL Tissue Salts are lactose and sucrose free. It is important to Remember that precautions need to be given  when taking the tissue salts.  You must take the remedies 30 minutes before food, tea or coffee (if you can avoid coffee altogether that would  be ideal), avoid mint ( especially peppermint) and do not brush teeth 25 minutes ether side of taking the remedies, if possible use a fennel toothpaste.  The reason for avoiding these things is because they will cancel out the efficacy of the remedies. Do not handle the remedies, flip them into the lid when taking or use a plastic spoon. Take remedies sublingually (under the tongue). When administering to babies, crush the remedies between two spoons and place powder under tongue of infant.

The cell salts have general properties that are listed on this website, however  a consultation with myself is required before purchasing any supplements or remedies, I do not recommend self diagnosing, which is why not all symptoms or conditions are listed. It is imperative the correct information is collected before a remedy or remedies are dispensed. A full profile is required including diet, lifestyle, emotional symptoms, how you sleep, toilet habits, symptoms and modalities (what exacerbates symptoms or what improves symptoms – better for warmth- worse in damp) also what is the pain, if any; sharp, dull, fixed, radiating. By collecting this information it enables the practitioner to have a 360 degree approach, removing the layers to expose clues rather than a linear approach and a one sized fits all remedy. There may be remedies for acne, for example, but it is important to find out the characterisation of an impaction as well as location and frequency of location. It is not as straight forward as it may seem although the tissue salts are non toxic and will not harm you, it is best to get the correct remedy to start with.

Calc. Fluor #1 – The elasticity expert.

Calc. Phos #2 – Building block cell salt

Calc. Sulph  #3 – Sinus and skin cell salt

Ferr. Phos #4 -The iron cell salt

Kali. Mur #5 – Cleansing cell salt

Kali. Phos  #6 –  Nerve nutrient cell salt

Kali. Sulph #7 – Deep cleansing cell salt

Mag. Phos #8. – Anti-spasm cell salt

Nat. Mur #9 – Restorative cell salt

Nat.Phos #10 –  Antacid cell salt

Nat. Sulph #11 – Cleansing cell salt

Silicea #12 – The ’grit’ cell salt

Combination D – Eczema, acne, skin ailments

Combination E – Colic, indigestion, flatulence

Combination F – Migraine, Headaches

Combination N -Menstrual Pain

Combination S – Bilious, upset stomach

A footnote, I have studied for over thirty years in the modalities of health and wellbeing,  I do not pick up snippets of information from social media and regurgitate information.  I have studied basic Genetics, Counselling, Homeopathy, Biochemic Medicine, Nutrition,  Fascia, Bowen, Aesthetics, as well as my own intensive studies in how emotions affect the human form – Noetics, collecting hundreds of images of individuals feet, ears, backs and faces from all walks of life and from all over the World looking at implicit tissue memory, so please be aware of who you gain ‘health tips’ or advice from!  I have also consulted thousand of people Worldwide over the years and I have found that again, through social media people get bombarded with information and become overwhelmed, another reason that a consultation is imperative. If you are on an existing program with a Nutritionist or Naturopath I will not dispense any supplements, it is not professionally ethical to proceed with a program with me and not allow their program to complete, I will not conflict with another expert.

For further information or to book a consultation, please email Tina on 

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