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The Toxic Conundrum

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
The Toxic Conundrum

Toxicity is all around us, it is unavoidable, don’t think about just the literal sense of toxic substances like environmental pollution but also things we put on our bodies daily including hair products, skin products, deodorants, amalgam fillings, and make up. Ingredients do penetrate the skin depending on the molecular structure but also through inhalation (fragrances, alcohol) and some ingredients do have an impact on our endocrine systems creating what is known as Xenoestrogens – environmental oestrogens that mimic natural oestrogens but also stronger than natural oestrogen and may impact our overall health and wellbeing.

The skin is a barrier, however the barrier function can also get impaired from ingredients used, as well as our epidermal microbiome that changes constantly from daily aggressions. Ingredients are absorbed, for example essential oils enter the blood stream via subcutaneous absorption. Other ingredients have transport technology called liposome or vectorise technology.  I look at the skin as a barometer of what is happening internally, I look at how we can deal with imbalances there and support the skins microbiome and lipid barrier with topical ingredients that fortify and feed the skin.

Toxicity is not only caused from environmental, ingested, topically applied or inhaled substances but also from your thoughts and your emotions. Look at how you deal with others reaction to you, are they toxic? If someone was to say something unkind or spiteful to you, you would take that on board and it would mentally and emotionally cause you harm, in turn impacting your physical wellbeing – maybe cause stress, tension, headaches or an anxious stomach. Now if you look on it as an unwanted gift,  the words and deeds have been offered to you, if you visualise a beautifully wrapped gift but you knew that if you accepted and opened the gift it would make you unwell… would you still accept it?

It is impossible to avoid every toxic substance as we are exposed and bombarded with them constantly. Our mobile phones and electronic devices create electrosmog and come with their own toxicity, mobile phones also carry more bacteria than you would find in a toilet. Yet we constantly handle them and maybe eat food at the same time or rub our skin!

There is no need to panic – this is our world, our environment, however, if you can make small changes daily by being aware of ingredients that we place on and in our bodies, maybe make a small change – of looking at a natural and organic deodorant or avoiding products with SLS, Parabens, Phthalates and look at organic produce then it is a start and these small changes can have a positive impact on our overall health and wellbeing overall. Most importantly watch your thoughts!

Bioresonance looks at the cellular frequencies that carry the information of pathogens, hormone, pathological substances. Everything has it’s own frequency and it is this information that stay in our systems, imagine our body collecting every piece of information since conception including genetic, food, bacteria’s, virus’,  chemicals, traumas from physical mental or emotional.. the list is endless. The frequencies we have in our bodies can be ‘re-called’ at any time and interfere with the healthy communication between cells which may cause illness and dis-ease. Bioresonance can test the frequency information of many things including chemicals, inhalants and cosmetic ingredients that may be in your system causing inflammation and look at cancelling out the negative interferences.

Remember we are not just made of material matter, our cells have their own electromagnetic energy, fascia conducts  piezoelectricity and every cell, organ and physical substance has it’s own unique signature frequecy. ‘Materialists’ see what they see and have a logical answer for it’s existence but then we ask questions like where is the physical home of the mind or the soul? Western medicine is primarily based on a linear structure and materialism – Complementary medicine is based on the energetic, spiritual, intuitive and non physical concepts. Allow your self you have an open mind, people are to quick to bleed opinions, especially when they have had no clinic experience in health and wellbeing, for me, I focus on my clients health, I have nothing to prove as the results my patients have speak for themselves.

If you would like to know more on Bioresonance click here

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