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To Bleed Or Not To Bleed, That Is The Question!

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
To Bleed Or Not To Bleed, That Is The Question!

I treat many wonderful clients one of which is the beautiful Glynis Barber who wrote about The Masterlift treatment on her fabulous blog Ageless.

The story was also picked up by the Daily Mail expanding on how dermal needling can be painful and scary, which prompted me to write this post.

There is a huge debate in the aesthetic world as to what depth needles are used in micro-needling treatments to get sufficient results.

I want to begin by saying the following comments below are my personal beliefs and opinions, from my own theories and findings from years of therapy in advanced skin, noetics and fascia.

The theory that to have a micro-needling treatment above a 0.5 needle will increase the benefits to me is a nonsense. It will increase pain and it will induce bleeding, both of which are unnecessary to get a great result. (I speak from experience, the results from the Masterlift before and afters speak for themselves). It is not only a clinical treatment  that depends on the outcome, it is also the home care used, diet, lifestyle and most importantly your attitude to thought processes.

The role of a skin therapist is to not only understand the skin but also to realize the communication between the cells, molecularly and chemically through topical treatment, topical products and the ongoing communications from them.

Needles above 0.5mm, apart from causing pain and bleeding, have a higher risk of tearing the skin and causing minute trenches. The technique of crosshatching and continually rolling over an area is not needed. (In my opinion)

I created a feathering technique used with hand held 0.5mm dermal roller that under studies proved the technique created a higher concentration of channels (one of the theories why the electronic devices are more effective, is that they create more channels per second than rollers) and also that the channels were even in size as making fresh channels each time. Compared to the cross-hatch technique which can create trenches. This enables the treatment to be more comfortable, no down time and no pain.

Some therapists believe that by causing trauma to the skin it will trigger an abundance of collagen and elastin, when in actual fact  wounding the skin in this way will only give an initial response. Causing trauma to the skin will create collagen to form but only to that area where there is damage it will not make lasting permanent collagen as you would by communicating and supporting the skin using chiral ingredients with gentle transdermal approach using a 0.5mm needle . The need is to support and nurture the skin, not  to cause excessive inflammation which is the root of all di-ease in the body. Inflammation weakens the immune system and the skins microbiome!

The key to healing the skin, including healthy aging, is to allow penetration of key ingredients either via liposome or exosome delivery or trans dermally and stimulate collagen without causing trauma from pain or bleeding.

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