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Up In Smoke

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Up In Smoke

Yes, smoking is bad for you … no sh*t Sherlock! But I just wanted to do a check list, a little nudge to those who indulge and wonder why their skin is not the best it could be. Not only that the long term affects smoking has on overall health and well-being. I know I am going to get some eye rolls BUT if it makes just one of you smokers reading this give up then it will be worth it .

  • Cigarette smoke contains 69 chemicals that are known to cause pulmonary disease, lung and esophageal cancer and skin cancer especially squamous cell carcinoma
  • Tobacco is an age thief, stealing around seven years of your life.
  • Even second hand smoke ages you and can also be even more damaging if inhaled passively.
  • One of the 69 chemicals in cigarette smoke is carbon monoxide, stealing oxygen in your skin this along with the 68 other chemicals reduces blood flow, leaving skin dull and lifeless loosing that natural healthy glow.
  • Smoking stains teeth yellow and cause gum disease, shrinking of gums loosening teeth. Cause furring of the tongue and bad breath.
  • Smoking has drying effects on skins surface, sucking moisture from the skin and destroying the lipid barrier function which protects the skin from bacteria.
  • Smoking restricts blood vessels reducing oxygen & essential nutrients and reduces vitamin A which provides protection against free radical damage.
  • Wrinkles form around the eyes and mouth causing premature ageing.
  • Smokers often have as many wrinkles in there 40’s as non smokers in their 60‘s.
  • Lack of oxygen and vitamin C in the skin from smoking cause the skin to take longer to heal especially with scaring and breakouts.Post operative healing will also take longer!
  • Smoking can contribute to stretch marks, cigarettes destroy connective tissue fibers which are essential for skin health.
  • Discoloration of fingers & fingernails occur from nicotine.
  • Smoking breaks down collagen in the skin as well as depleting vitamin C and oxygen in the skin.
  • According to a study, you are four times more likely to have a disrupted sleep causing Melatonin levels to be suppressed, rest and repair phase to be disturbed so HGH (human Growth Hormone) to be reduced
  • The skin and lungs are brother and sister organs, having a puff on the ol ciggies will increase the risk of eczema and psoriasis. Smoking during pregnancy increases risk of passing on eczema/asthma conditions to the child.
  • Smoking can impair copper levels in the skin not only having a negative impact on the skin but the hair. Thinning and premature greying has been linked to the increase in toxins.
  • Smoking causes inflammation and inflammation is THE one cause of disease, imperfections and skin conditions.
  • It is also the cause of severe inflammatory disease including atopic dermatitis, scleroderma (hardening of the skin) and firbosis which is an accumulation of collagen – think about fascia and the affect it has on that! considering fascia is one of the most abundant and important parts of human anatomy that impacts every single system, organ and movement including posture, so over years of smoking it will most definitely be a factor to overall well being.


Apart from reading the above ‘reminders’ to your health and you still want to smoke, remember to have a flawless skin the BEST investment you could ever do  to your overall health and skin is throw the cigarettes in the bin!

For those of you who are interested there is also the option of the Quit Smoking Chip. This is an energetically programmed chip that support the quitting program – you can read Lukes feedback here and Arnica’s here.

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