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You Can Be Your Own Problem Or Solution

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
You Can Be Your Own Problem Or Solution

Be very careful what words you speak, not only towards others, as we sadly know what power negative words have on others, especially on social media platforms, but more importantly be care what words you say and think about yourself. The majority of my work involves frequencies, and your thoughts involve frequencies that connect with atoms within the cells that then may impact the physical wellbeing.

Every thing has a vibration. The chair you are sitting on, the pen you write with, the table you eat off. Vibrations resonate at different speeds and as human beings we pick up vibrations, the same applies to  essential oils. When therapists blend essential oils, the outcome is different when the therapist is ovulating even though the blend is the same. Crystals also pick up on negative vibrations, which is why it is important to cleanse them when purchased or if you have had a particular bad day.

Vibrations can affect how we feel, what we think and how we act, a  good example of this is when we listen to music. Soft, gentle music can soothe us to a state of relaxation, vibrant, upbeat music can make us feel happy and energised and loud screeching head banging music, to some, can give you a headache and immediately make you feel tense.

Even the air we breathe and the air that surrounds us is charged with electromagnetic energy, showered down to the Earth from solar rays and planetary radiation. We act as antennae, which pick up this electromagnetic energy and charge our life force known as “Chi” – this is known as grounding _ We also absorb frequencies from electro smog and environmental pollution.  We are made up of millions of atoms that have both positive and negative electrons spinning around them, when negative words, actions or thoughts invade us, it creates a catalyst within the atoms that cause it to go into over drive thus causing an imbalance within.

Have you ever heard of these sayings?

“You are your own worst enemy”

“Hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil”

“Words can be poison or fruit”

Basically the only person you hurt is yourself when we speak about ourselves in a negative way, or take on board negativity. You are literally self prophesying, when you say ‘I will never be able to do that’, or ‘I am not good enough for them’ then you are tuning into that way of thinking and therefor acting out your own words.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is when you are predicting or stating things expecting them to happen – these beliefs or expectations then permit your actions to make them fact.

Have you ever had the experience of someone being in a room and literally lighting it up with their presence? They are the life and soul of the party.  These are the people that are on our wave length and can motivate with their positivity. There may be other times when some one has walked in to a room and you could cut the atmosphere with a knife.  They emit negative energy and drain you, even if they may be the loveliest of people they can still be negative, or see the worst in any situation I refer to these people as emotional vampires.

How you accept stressful situations can make or break you, the only difference between bitter and better is the letter i.  It is only “I” that can truly make a difference in how we approach stress and trauma.  “I” can change from a victim to a pro creator.

We are in control of our thoughts, actions and emotions, whatever we do, say or think will have an impact on our physical being. There is an old saying –You can lie to all around you but you can never lie to yourself.

Chain reactions within the body happen as soon as negativity hits. This can be in the form of stress from environmental factors, emotional factors or physical factors. The only difference is how we CHOOSE to accept these situations, look at ways in how you deal with stress, if you take on board other peoples monkeys then you will be forever burdens – if it isn’t your circus then they are not your monkeys! Look at the tips shown in the blog post The non emotional contract to help you find ways to manage stress effectively.

We may not control things that affect us but we can control the effect they have on us.
We have to try to get into the habit of taking positives out of a negative situation. Easier said than done at times but remember even the precious metals have to go through various boiling processes to get the purest form.We are what we are from experiences, they help us judge situations, people and environments but only if we understand that we have to learn from each experience and not increase negativity within.

Think before your words leave your mouth, be kind to yourself and others.

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