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Say NO to the ‘Anti’ of Ageing

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Say NO to the ‘Anti’ of Ageing

We age as well as experience the moment we are conceived, we are then born into a hostile world of harsh pollutants, stress and nutritional obstacles.

In our twenties our skin produces abundant amounts of proteins called Collagen and Elastin. These are responsible for our skin to be resilient and firm. As we age the proteins in our skin are savaged by free radicals caused by continuous exposure to stress, lifestyle, diet and environment through the years. This has a direct impact on the Collagen and Elastin to perform as they should, wrinkles and sagging occurs.

There are two theories of ageing:

Biological ageing: The DNA we was given has a certain percentage of how well we age, that is inherited, but what we experience also has a profound effect on our aging process.

Environmental ageing: Our lifestyle plays a major role in this theory. What we eat and our experiences through life – Poor nutrition, UV exposure, alcohol, drugs, smoking as well as mental, emotional and physical stress all play their role.

Menopause can cause various changes to the texture and elasticity of the skin. Wrinkles and creases appear from hormonal changes and sebum reduction. Up to 30% of collagen is lost over five years of the menopausal period. The menopause can cause dryness, loss of elasticity, acne or rosacea. This is caused by the shift of hormones such as androgen and estrogen.

We know the physical aspect of aging occur and we have a certain degree of control with nutrition, lifestyle and topical treatments and products.

We are what we are by what we eat….experience….& inherit!

Having now reached a point in my life where I feel I have more wisdom, experience and ‘lived’ within this body for a number of years I have a different perspective on ‘ageing’… I among many other therapists jump on the ‘;anti-aging’ hashtag because it is what get the attention of the consumer, but why should we should we be ‘ANTI’?

The relationship we have with ageing is a state of mind, it is our own personal attitude with it. Yes, we have major differences in our skin due to experiences, diet and chemical changes but mentally this should be looked upon as growth into an individual who is LIVING. I am sick of people, especially women who think that when they are post forty its all down hill, Rubbish!

As far as the skin goes we all know the main enemies of premature ageing, smoking, sun damage, diet, lifestyle etc but also your state of mind!

I am asked numerous times what I think of Botox and Fillers, being a Holistic Therapist I am expected to frown (pardon the pun) upon such treatments but I don’t at all. My philosophy is if an individual feels it will improve their self confidence and self esteem then why not, after all this is really what it is about, how we feel. Personally speaking, I am finding great results with active ingredients on the skin and I actually like the fact I have a few lines, I am comfortable with the fact I have experienced many laughs as well as many heartaches. I don’t want a blank canvas with no character. My ‘Skinsperations’ are the like of Dame Helen Miran and Meryl Streep who are confident women, proud, full of sass, grace and still ooze sex appeal.

Think as you feel! not as you feel your age determines or society says you should feel.

Look after your skin that goes for ALL ages! Take time to have regular facials not only to maintain good skin health but for you time. Use products rich in Antioxidants, Hyaluronic acid and Peptides.

Exercise but incorporate pilates to strengthen the core muscles and look at reducing sugar intake in your diet.

But most of all don’t take life to seriously, give your self a break, stress and over thinking can also weigh you down.

Remember it is not the years in our life that matters but the life in our years!!!

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