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Safety In Beauty

Posted by Marie Reynolds on

With an increase of horrific conditions and dissatisfaction caused by beauty treatments and clinical procedures, Antonia Mariconda decided in 2013 to launch #SAFTEYINBEAUTY . Since then the campaign has gained much support by industry professionals and experts...

Invest in The Skin You’re in!

Posted by Marie Reynolds on

Tell me, why is it looked upon that skin care and facial treatments are deemed a ‘luxury’ when they are most certainly a necessity? To have a facial treatment is usually a treat us women...

The Dark Circle Conundrum

Posted by Marie Reynolds on

The dreaded dark circle is plagued by many a person, male and female. I decided to write this post because I have read a few blogs this week about dark circles, which are great for...

Progressive VS Aggressive

Posted by Marie Reynolds on

The gorgeously clever Andy Millward, Aesthetician and Beauty Writer wrote about the effects of progressive vs aggressive skin treatments, here he shares his pearls of wisdom: Primum Non Nocere – it means ‘First do no harm’ in Latin and...

It's a Shady Affair

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
Pigmentation is the new wrinkle, with many people being more concerned about even skin tone as dull skin with dark patches tend to draw more attention and give the appearance of ageing more than fine lines.

Say NO to the ‘Anti’ of Ageing

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
The relationship we have with ageing is a state of mind, it is our own personal attitude with it. Yes, we have major differences in our skin due to experiences, diet and chemical changes but mentally this should be looked upon as growth into an individual who is LIVING.