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The Dark Circle Conundrum

Posted by Marie Reynolds on
The Dark Circle Conundrum

The dreaded dark circle is plagued by many a person, male and female. I decided to write this post because I have read a few blogs this week about dark circles, which are great for the quick fix of disguising the pesky shadows and superficial help BUT we really need to understand the cause of them and why they occur.

I have been plagued with them throughout my life and resemble Uncle Fester without my beloved concealer, although since looking after the Kidney meridian, I have found they are not as severe.

The under eye area link with the kidney meridian, this meridian is also the storehouse for our ‘Chi’ energy so it is a great indicator if we are running on our ‘reserves’. The kidney’s and ears are also brother and sister organs so you will also find those who suffer with dark circles tend to have smaller ears. The smaller the ears the weaker the kidney energy (PLEASE NOTE: this does not mean you have weak Kidney’s! I am talking about the energy of that particular meridian).

So when I have clients asking about under eye circles my tips are as follows:

  • Look at the diet, over-consumption of cold foods and icy drinks can decrease energy flow , which can drain energy from the system at the same time, eating a lot of hot and spicy foods, red meat, chocolate, coffee and fried foods can overheat the system causing it to also deplete a bit like leaving the heating on in the height of summer. Look at the foods you eat! also look at the times you are eating and how you are eating. A sluggish gut is the major factor to dark circles!
  • Cucumber is an old favorite to refresh tired eyes, they contain Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Zinc.
  • The best Kidney tonic is to include raw beetroot in your diet, two slices of raw beetroot every day will strengthen the kidney meridian and help elimination.
  • The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, it also holds lymph in the most delicate web like vessels that can easily be damaged. When massaging around this area less is definitely more! be very gentle when applying any product or attempting to ‘drain’ the area of excess toxins. Do not drag the skin, apply hardly any pressure at all, this will encourage lymph to drain, if you drag the area it can actually cause more harm than good.
  • Puffy eyes are linked with allergies and trauma or fear. Look at stress levels and how you need to deal with them appropriately, off load the things you have no control over!  Start decreasing dairy and gluten from the diet.
  • HYDRATION! water, water, water.. now, we all know the importance of proper hydration.The adrenals (which sit on top of the Kidneys) are also responsible for regulating the stress response. Stress is so common today that it has become chronic for many people, creating a state of adrenal fatigue. When the body is stressed, more aldosterone and sodium circulate in the system. Once the stress subsides, aldosterone levels fall and sodium must leave the bloodstream. The sodium passes through the kidneys and exits the body in urination, removing water with it. This may occur even if the water is still needed in the body. Experiencing high stress levels on a regular basis, can weaken the adrenals and consequently dehydrate the body. Replacing water alone may not provide the
    hydration that is needed hence my hero product, something called ‘Rehydration’ a homeopathic combination formula for dehydration and the symptoms
    associated with fluid imbalances. I use this in treatment for my clients and ALWAYS recommend for home use.
  • Cold Tea Bags – black tea or green tea are great quick fix for refreshing the under eye area for dark circles or puffiness. Caffeine and tannins help to constrict blood vessels and have a gentle astringent effect on the eyes.
  • Cosmedix Eye Genius is a powerful multi-action eye treatment that contains nature-based super-ingredients including five firming peptides, sodium hyaluronate & borago oil. Blended with light-reflective mica to instantly brighten skin and visibly corrects the look of eye lines, crow’s feet, puffiness & dark circles to unveil a calmer, firmer, smoother, nourished, more vibrant & younger looking eye zone
  • Sleep, stating the obvious but getting enough sleep is crucial for the release of Human Growth Hormone that aids our reapir and healing. The fact that so many sleep with electrical devices in thier rooms is another no, no. This is not only dehydrating and omitting negative ions in the atmosphere it disturbs our REM.
  • Make up tips for the under eye area is again KIS – Keep It Simple. Do not cake the eyes with heavy concealers, look for ones that are reflective and lightweight, remembering to pat into the skin lightly.
  • Finally, wear your sunnies! Sun Glasses with UV protection will help protect the delicate eye area and also help prevent pigmentation occurring that will add to any dark shadows that may be there, also be aware of products you are using around the eye area containing ingredients that are ‘Photo-Sensitive’ .

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